We are aware that for any business unit, its marketing section plays a kingpin role in increasing the profit by many folds. Companies have been using innumerable ways of marketing to sell their products and services to the customers. And we regularly notice the changes coming in the style of the marketing, from the print media to an electronic media. But the steep changes which have come in the past ten odd years, through the digital platform, have not been seen even in past couple of centuries also. This change is related with the advent of digital marketing, through which, not only the business unit reaches directly to the customers’ pocket through online, but also have the benefit of reaching to the chosen customer. Now the companies do not waste their time and money in doing random advertisement, but they choose the target customers and convert them into a profitable lead.

Now the changes which have come in the business and marketing world, there are many things which a company must have in order to survive and to make a profit of bigger margin. And among many, some of those important things are like having a company’s website, social media channel, busting customers’ myths on ORM platform, and more. LIMPIDSTONE will help in solving any kind of problem related with the digital marketing and web developing realm.

How has LIMPIDSTONE become the most trusted brand amongst digital marketing service provider?

LIMPIDSTONE is not just a company, delivering web development and digital marketing services to the clients, but it is a platform where genius digital marketing veterans meet and work together. This company has a proven history of being invincible since its inception. It is known for delivering quality digital services and for maintaining the track record of remaining an undisputed champion in this field. The reason behind this grant success of this newly established company of 2018 is its expert software developers who all have more than decades of experience.      


  • Web development and designingLIMPIDSTONE is expert in Websites development in many open CMS sources like WordPress, Jumla, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop. If you are planning to give your business a global appeal, then going online is the best wisdom you can try. To launch your business online, you need a fully responsive website. Here LIMPIDSTONE has the advantage over other agencies, as it has a team of well adept web developers and designing team. It provides 24*7 services which any other agency does not offer. Our counselling services are linked with artificial intelligence support, which can help even more accurately than a human.
  • Content Marketing– The digital platform is nothing without a relevant touch of quality content. LIMPIDSTONE has a well organised team of content writing, who all are expert in writing blogs, articles, social media content, ORM’s content, and more. They are expert in writing even the script for brand promotion and copywriting.
  • DIGITAL ANALYSIS– LIMPIDSTONE does not only provide digital services, but it is famous for giving the client an in-depth root cause of problem analysis. The analysis helps clients in taking good care of the problem and in increasing their profit.
  • Email Marketing– As per analysis on a different style of marketing and engaging audience, the use of email stood at first. Email helps in developing regular communication with customers and which compels them to take the initiative. LIMPIDSTONE has expertise in Email marketing. It provides you with all the essential details of the email, from the time it was sent, clicked, and till the lead got converted. All click through rate analysis will be provided to the clients.
  • Social media platform– No doubt today social media platform like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, and more, place a very prominent role in spreading awareness of the product and services to the public. LIMPIDSTONE has one dedicated team which handles the social media accounts of the client and delivers a promising result to the customers. As per the USA government, the youth spends almost 6 hours per day in social media
  • Pay per click– Today almost all products or services start its journey after being searched online. And more than 50% of clicks go to the top website in the google search. So PPC is in one way we can say, it is a gateway to drive traffic towards your website. And once customers visit  the website.
  • Search engine optimization– Do you know even if you have made a good website, and have put your whole effort to gain profit unless you do proper SEO work on your website, it will be of no use? LIPMPIDSTONE has professional SEO in its workspace. A SEO friendly content present on the website increases the chance of getting profit by 50%.
  • Lead recovery-More often our old lead get converts and gives us profit. But in order to pull them back to our business, it requires the help of experts like LIMPIDSTONE software services.
  • Mobile App- As per statistics of many organisations, 90% of their customers use mobile, and to engage them, they are much interested in developing Mobile app rather than a web app. The best part of developing a mobile app for your business, is that it makes your business reach directly to the customers’ pocket 24*7.

LIMPIDSTONE has a success rate of 96% in client satisfaction regarding its digital marketing services. We have a team of the dedicated workforce, which commits to never letting its customer down. We have 98% of repeat customers, who cannot resist quitting our quality services and repeatedly calls us whenever they require any digital help.

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