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Limpidstone Technology is highly-known for its PPC or CPC (pay-per-click or cost-per-click services). Our PPC pros have invested their whole to utilize the best of this Internet marketing technique. They also push their boundaries by taking up challenging projects to learn more by helping their clients’ websites rank better and staying updated with any change or amendment related to PPC to add more to their expertise.

  • Customized PPC services according to the specific needs of a business.
    Our pride source is our satisfied and happy clients.
    Always in quest of latest methods to enhance our services.
    Additional advice and guidance related to PPC services to newly-established companies.
    Reporting to clients regularly about their progress or regression at every stage.

1. What is PPC or Pay-Per Click advertising?

PPC or pay-per-click a method of search engine marketing used to grab traffic. When some keywords are put into a search engine, then you can have your ads appearing in the search results if have taken PPC services. Here, you have to pay when your ad is clicked. That’s why it is named pay-per-click.

2. Why should I take PPC services?

It takes a great deal of time to get your website appear in the search result pages organically. But, using PPC services, you can catch the eyeballs of your targeted customers by showing them the ad of the product or service they are looking for. Furthermore, you can take advantage of its visual effect that it lays upon your visitors.

3. Can’t I manage PPC on my own?

You can leverage PPC up to a certain point, as you are a businessman and must have so many things to do or deal with. That’s why it’s better to hire a professional PPC expert who will not only manage all this efficiently, but the specialist will keep their research on and work according to that so that no strategy done by your company goes futile.

4. What are the things to remember when going for the PPC ad?

The things you must take into account when you are going to use PPC ad are:

Language: you need to choose a language to target your audience.

Users’ device: you must know the devices you want to target like desktops or smartphones.

Audience area: you can target the people who live in a particular geographical area.

5. What is the best PPC platform in the world?

Google AdWords is found to be the best PPC platform in the world. It is the best medium to reach your intended audience.

1. Transparency: to maintain the trust of our clients, we keep everything related to their project transparent.

2. All-out effort: we make our all-out effort to market the brand of our clients by making enthralling display/banner advertisements.

3. Mobile ads: our mobile advertising campaigns can help you reach your audience by getting your ads appearing on their mobile screen.

4. Leveraging social media: our advertisements on social media platforms help you hit the bull’s eye.

5. the power of remarketing: remarketing can boost your sales, as remarketing is to reach those who have already shown interest in your product.

6. Affordable PPC services: our PPC services will give you your desired results without making any hole in your pocket.

7. Regular reporting: we keep reporting to our clients about every stage that their projects go through.

8. Using cutting-edge technology: we use the latest tools to analyse market to adapt to the latest method to help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Google Ads: Google Ads is a platform where you can get your products or services advertised. It comes under a marketing channel called pay-per-click or PPC. Here, you, as an advertiser, need to pay according to clicks or per impression on your ad.

Having your ads on the most reliable search engine Google means your brand will get a tremendous amount of limelight. Thus, you will benefit your product with recognition and awareness.

Lots of people find SEO very useful, however, Google Ads provides you with the expected result much faster than SEO. You can get traffic within an hour using Google Ads, but SEO brings organic traffic to your website after a long time.

Display Ads: Display ads help you have an appearance on those websites that are not only laden with a considerable amount of traffic, but they are also related to the offer of your advertisement. In a nutshell, you can reach the people whom you target for your business with the power of visual effect (videos and images).

Using this way, you can send your ads to those who visited your site and have been your customers. And, retargeting is one of the best ways to change your potential customers into existing ones. It also allows you to reach people who look for products and services related to your business. And, having an idea of them means you can tailor your services according to their needs or choices.


Remarketing is a pay-per-click method used to show your adds to those visitors who visited your website. Showing your adds on mobile apps, webpages and Google search results, you can hit the bull’s eye and convert your website visitors into your customers.

And, the best thing about remarketing is that you will exactly know your audience, thus it will be easier for you to reach them by showing your products to them. In short, you can remind your potential customers of what they need and sell them your product in a light manner.

Mobile Ads: getting your adds appearing on the mobile is an economical way to reach a highly targeted audience and have communication with those who are important for your brand. As we all know that a mobile has become our best companion so it is the finest way to get the attention of your customers regardless of their location.

And, one feels comfortable when having anything on their mobile, as everybody is used to using a cell phone. This way, your brand ads don’t sound intimidating or boring to them, and the visual effect wins their attention easily and leaves a long-lasting impression on them. So, it is the best marketing way to put your brand image into the mind of your customers.

Facebook Ads: Facebook advertising is one of the potent ways to reach your audience according to age, location, gender, interests, and the like. Regular updates are more likely to hit the right mark.

Apart from varied targeting options, Facebook turns out to be an economical advertising medium. It will cost you less than Instagram and LinkedIn, thus helping you save a handsome amount of money that can be invested in something feasible.

Instagram Ads: Instagram advertising is a way in which you have to pay for posting content on the Instagram platform. It will allow you to reach your targeted audience. The main purpose of advertising your brand on Instagram is that it will bring a large amount of traffic, increase your brand awareness, and give birth to new leads.

In short, running your ads on such a powerful and cost-effective platform can work wonders. You will find a considerable amount of traffic within a short span of time.