We design and build user-friendly and interactive websites so that our clients can leave a long-lasting impression of their brand upon the mind of their visitors who reach their website for the first time. Its loading speed, graphics, content management, and the like are an integral part to be kept in mind when having a website. Moreover, we also redesign already built websites to leave nothing obsolete to get an entrancing website built with the ability to hold the attention of busy eyeballs, feel free to contact us.

As a businessman running a company in the digital-powered era, we truly understand the massive role of a website. Therefore, we make our all-out effort to make it attention-grabbing. Using cutting-edge technology and the valuable experience of our talented web developers, we have turned the dream of many clients into unbelievable success.

Before developing and redesigning a website, we pay deep attention to our client’s expectations and requirements, their competitors’ activities, current trends in the market and the latest technology to invent something marvelous.

Our real satisfaction lies in the success of our clients when their website becomes the talk of the world and always gets laden with visitors.

Your targeted audience and brand type determine our creativity and method to design websites.

Thinking out-of-box to creative something inconceivably pleasant.

Expert in every technology or field related to web development.

The success of the website determines our work quality.

Challenges are a motivational tonic to keep us energized.

1. Corporate website: The appearance of a website on the Internet plays a huge role in building the reputation of that company. Our efficient and pro corporate website designers can help you have an unshakable reputation by having a magnificent look of your website.

Considering this fact in mind, our expert team provides its clients with an informative and exquisite website after listening to your demands and knowing your business type better.

The main purpose of our website designing is to make the website a voice that can give customers or potential customers a crystal-clear idea of your products and services.

2. Ecommerce Websites: when you sell something online, then you need to have something additional on your website like call-to-action buttons and multiple categories that are related to your business. So, hiring an expert in eCommerce website designing is a must for you.

You must remember that you are selling something by having a virtual presence; therefore, your website design should be aesthetically appealing to leave a long-lasting impression upon the mind of your would-be customers.

Having an online store in the digital world becomes easy when you choose our experienced and innovative e-commerce website developers who use cutting -edge technology to design an e-commerce website that can surpass your expectations and help you grow your business.

3. Landing page designing: after clicking, the first page of your website is a landing page, so you must remember ‘first impression is the last impression’ that’s why don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to the reputation of your website. The appearance of a web page determines the attitude of would-be customers towards your business or brand.

Therefore, you’d better come to us with your business vision so that we can develop landing pages according to your brand type. Your product or service plays a huge role in helping us decide how to decide the landing page. We work according to your demands and expectation without laying any financial burden upon you.

4. PSD to XHTML conversion: PSD to XHTML conversion plays a huge role in bringing customers to your website and holding them for some time. It is because this conversion makes the website user and SEO friendly.

Netizens love to spend time on interactive and interesting websites; thus, it gives you a great opportunity to say a lot to your customers about your brand by means of your website.

Having so, you will have an enormous amount of traffic on your website, which will help you decide better to tailor your services and products according to the customers’ wishes and expectations by knowing them better.

5. Responsive web designing: what if you talk to a person and find him indifferent to your words, you will find him boring and get away from him. The same goes for when you don’t a responsive website.

Hiring a team of skilled and efficient responsive web designers can help you make your visitors feel welcomed by making your website responsive. According to experts, responsive websites hold visitors for a long time.

Nowadays, every company owner hires web designers to make their website more engaging and interactive, so you’d better gear up to stay ahead of them.

And, we can help you after deeply considering your brand image and what your audience expects from it. Having taken such points in mind, we develop a responsive website whose friendliness and activeness make their own place in the mind of visitors for a long time; thus, they will remember your brand for a very long time and recommend others for the same.

6. Custom website designing: custom website designing can help you look unique and better than your competitors. It is because no predesigned templates and graphics are used in designing your website, which is why it gets an out-of-box look.

Nowadays, almost every business has its own website and when it doesn’t appear unique, then visitors don’t take it seriously. We at Limpidstone Technology, have experienced and creative website designers who develop a website from scratch without using anything already used.

Using unique codes and design packages allows them to create a website that seems surpassing the expectations of customers and gives them a never-seen-before website that worth-paying attention.

7. Website Redesigning: only having a website built is foolish because the world is getting advanced so are your business competitors. They make their all-out effort to stay ahead of you by getting their website redesigned and improving its loading speed, visual appearance, and so on.

We, at Limpidstone Technology not only understand your business goals and keep an eye on the website activities of your customers, but we can also redesign your website to make it look enhanced and show your brand with increased credibility and revamp.

So, contact our website redesigning experts to make a giant step towards your desired destination. Never forget that your website appearance says a lot about your creativity and modernity, and visitors evaluate the quality of your brand seeing your website first.

8. PHP Web Development: our PHP web developers are endowed with unparalleled creativity and inconceivable inventiveness. They excel in developing dynamic, database-driven and appealing websites, but they are still in search of their satisfaction.

Security testing with an eagle eye and thorough inspection of the website are an integral part of our PHP web development services. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to the security of our clients’ websites.

We are completely aware of the fact that modern technology is subject to change and always work using cutting-edge technology to give your website an aesthetic face so that it can hold your visitors for a long time to help you convert them into customers.

9. CMS Web Development: if you don’t keep your website content up to date, then you are not only losing the interest of visitors, but search engines will also put you down in their search engine listings. Your digital presence seems obsolete, so go for CMS website development.

the biggest benefit of CMS is that it allows you to create a functional page, upload and modify content on your own without having deep technical knowledge in doing so.

Limpidstone Technology has turned the dreams of its many clients into success all over the world. We provide our clients with economical CMS web development services so that they can stay up to date in the digital world and outshine their competitors.

Taking our CMS website development services, you can edit, modify, add, delete pages, articles, blogs, banner ads, site statistics, and so on without a hitch. And, the more active you are, the more updated your website will be. Last but not least, updated websites grab the attention of users first, as they see something unexpected and unknown.

10. CodeIgniter Web Development:

Having a CodeIgniter website means you have almost secured your digital presence. It is because CodeIgniter is a famous and open PHP framework used to develop the web. It helps you get a dynamic and instinctual website. Your website will have an inconceivably interactive interface that will hold the attention of your targeted audience for a much longer time.

Taking our CodeIgniter web development services can guarantee you a long-term success. It is because our experts have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in developing interactive websites that can leave your visitors enthralled. Limpidstone Technology is the very place where your website-related concerns will fade away. So, come to us to have your tailored website built at an easily accessible price.

11. Ecommerce Website Development:

If you own an online shop, then you must be aware of the tremendous pressure of being knocked down by your competitors. All that matters is what better you have and what they don’t. you’d better leverage the latest trends and technologies to secure your own place in the eCommerce world. Therefore, it’s wise to choose the best e-commerce website development company in India.

We, Limpidstone Technology, develop heart-winning eCommerce websites by following our professional ethics strictly. Taking our services, you can multiply your annual ROI and revenue. And, transparency with clients is our hallmark, so we always preserve it.

Our e-commerce web development team consists of highly-trained and experienced developers who work with the utmost diligence and honesty. our mission is to develop custom or tailored high-performing online stores without compromising our professional ethics.

12. Magenta 2 Migration: if you own an e-commerce company, then Magento 2 migration is a must for you. By taking Magento 2 migration services from us, you can leave your competitors behind. Some of the well-known benefits of Magento 2 migration are given below:

Your site will run faster by 20% than those sites having Magento 1. And, the sites performing well play a crucial role in boosting sales growth by having a better search engine ranking.

Magento 1 is infamous for 6 steps in the checkout process, while Magento 2 checkout process will have only 2 steps and the Instant Purchase feature. Using Instant Purchase, you can win the hearts of your returning customers by giving them an improved and faster checkout process, as you will have previously-stored payment credentials and shipping information. And, you must remember that sites having simple checkout processes have a record of increasing sales.

Magento 1 user interface was found to be confusing and complicated by many business users, on the other hand, Magento 2 provides a clean and user-friendly experience. Users lacking technical knowledge can find tools easily and add new product listings without any hurdle.

13. B2B Portal Development:

If you have a large number of clients/customers, distributors and partners, and you are unable to manage all of them, then having a B2B portal is the end-point of your problem. It is because it allows you to manage all of them for a single platform.

And, if you are looking for the best B2B portal development company, then Limpidstone Technology is the very one you are in quest of. We have earned a clean reputation after satisfying a large of clients and facing innumerable challenges.

our B2B portal development team consists of highly-trained and experienced developers who keep themselves updated with the latest technology to leverage its features to give their clients the utmost bliss.

Challenges and hurdles in the development process are an energy-booster tonic. You can a large of developers for the same need but finding quality at an affordable price is a challenge.

They first lend their ears to get a full idea of their clients’ demands and prepare plans and strategies according to it so that they fulfil the expectations with flying colours.

14. B2C Portal Development:

A B2C portal functions as a platform that makes online shopping for customers much simpler and less complicated. These days, most people prefer buying something online, and here the role of a B2C portal comes into play. It leaves no barriers between businesses and customers, thus boosting the sales of a company.

if you have an enchanting B2C portal, then you can have a confusion-free and comfortable communication with your customers. Thus, you will be able to sell them your products without any hitch. It is because you will be able to convince them and motivate them by giving tempting offers and discounts. This way, they will have an enhanced experience with your business.

We at Limpidstone Technology, take pride in developing flawless B2C portals. therefore, you’d better contact us to get one developed for you so that you can stay in touch with your customers directly. Moreover, the closer you are to them, the more you can know them. Doing so, you can tailor your products or services according to their specific needs or expectations to grow your sales and business revenue.

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